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While his high school years sowed the seeds for photography, they also saw Herb moving to music. He loved to dance, and many of his life-long friends were folks with whom he danced as early as high school. From sock hops and school dances he transitioned through many genres, including C&W line dancing and later club dancing. (In his late 60's, he danced with Jim and a few thousand twenty- and thirty-somethings at a couple of Gay Pride pier dances in NYC.)


He naturally nurtured a love of music--across just about every genre imaginable: classical, gospel, jazz, blues, country and western, Hawaiian, new age, chill, and dance. He built an extensive music collection, first on vinyl then on CDs, and he reveled in mixing playlists to present to friends and family. He had a custom mixing table built, and he would pass hours putting together his mixes.

Back in the days of cassettes, if you were a friend or family member, chances were you had a custom mix made by Herb to accompany you in the car. During the CD era, he was also burning custom CDs, until mp3s emerged and his mixes became entirely virtual. 

As a music mixer, he playfully adopted the moniker "ibherb," and that became his identity when he moved into abstract photography, staging gallery shows and a website on Zenfolio.

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