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Herb in the Blue Mountains of Australia


While in high school, Herb began capturing events with friends and family on film--B&W stills and Super-8 videos. This habit endured a lifetime; wherever he went, he always had his camera, until the early 2020s when phone photography finally met his needs and standards. (If you were with Herb for any stretch of time, he had a photo to celebrate the moment.)

He nurtured a love of gardening while living on Ansley Street in Decatur, GA, where his garden once appeared on the Decatur Garden Tour. When he moved to Lewes, DE, to join his partner Jim, his gardening repertoire expanded to hostas. Their garden was a tour garden at the 2019 Dixie Regional Hosta Convention, and Herb's photographs won multiple awards from the American Hosta Society.

Jim and Herb also spent ten years in Hawaii, hiking extensively on 5 of its islands, in Australia, and in Aotearoa, the camera always at Herb's side. He won the inaugural photo contest of the Sierra Club of Hawaii.

It was also in Hawaii that he ventured into abstract photography, leading to shows in Honolulu, Washington, DC, and Lewes. His kinetic art on a phone case never fails to turn heads.

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