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KAIMUKI | 2005-2016


Kaimuki Garden

From the lanai of our 1940's rental house in Kaimuki, we watched sunsets over downtown Honolulu, with shots of the Pacific between buildings. Our backyard was a gravel desert when we moved in, and Herb transformed it into a lush oasis.


Sierra Club Photo Contest

Herb took thousands of photos during our hikes across the islands, drawing on these hikes, no doubt, as he built the garden over the years. This bamboo grove on Maui won the inaugural photo contest by the Sierra Club of Hawaii.

Herb and Jim lived in Hawaii during the academic year and spent summers in Lewes during these years. Their rental rested part way up the mountain opposite Diamond Head, with spectacular sunsets.

During this period, Herb learned tons about tropical gardening and native plants, and he was delighted when he could incorporate them into the garden. We also camped a lot, and Herb would be asking people at the campground the names of plants so that he could bring them into the garden. 

The name of our neighborhood derived from its location in ancient times where ti leaves ("ki" in Native Hawaiian) were baked in earth ovens ("imu"). Herb was so happy when his ti plants thrived in this garden.

He became such good friends with a local nurseryman, Charlie Nii, that Charlie gifted him with a small wooden handmade bench.

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